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MO:ULa 1.912 Released

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Thanks to the hard work of Christian Walther, rarified and a host of other dedicated individuals, a new set of fixes and additions has been brought to MO:ULa today in the latest build: MO:ULa 1.912! Some new features include copy/paste functionality for the KI, more flexible screen resolution code, KI Time has finally been adjusted to the new standard...and a bucketload of various other fixes!

Here's a full list (as detailed on the Wiki):

  • Fix for the Er'cana bakery elevator getting stuck permanently
  • Relto visitors will no longer see blank pages in the city book
  • Made Calendar Star SDL Consistent
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of city book clasp
  • Fixed unclickable left-arrow in KI when destination is top of category list
  • Improved Big KI player list sorting
  • Fixed the fearless quabs bug
  • Improved video resolution code
  • Allowed plNotify variable events to carry integers in addition to floats & Replace bookshelf workaround by improved fix
  • Disabled broken bahro stone share symbols
  • Avatar clothing fix
  • Basic clipboard functionality for KI
  • Daylight Savings Time Fix
  • Fixed Landing Behaviors
  • Fixed an Aspect Ratio Assumption

As always, this is all thanks to the tireless efforts of those involved in, the Guild of Writers, and many others in the community!  Show them your support by visiting and bug-testing their various shards and by continuing to donate to the CAVCON fund so that Cyan can implement these fixes as they come.

Translation Note: A Français translation of this content is available here.

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